Kieran O'Donovan

Fata Morgana Films

18672980_10213369292974710_7134674210758921021_oKieran O’Donovan is an cameraman/director/producer from Whitehorse, Yukon. He began his career as a wildlife biologist, which ultimately led him to his career in filmmaking, working on wildlife documentaries. He began his film career as a camera assistant working with the BBC and has gone on to hone his camera and production skills on some of the biggest landmark wildlife series airing on television. He was worked on the BBC’s Frozen Planet Series, Discovery’s North America Series, the CBC’s Wild Canada: The Eternal Frontier. Kieran resides in Bristol, UK where he is working with an independent production company to produce international feature films and television series for Netflix, BBC and Disneynature.


Skype: kieran-odonovan

Cell: +44 (0) 7495366824

3 Responses to “About”

  1. shannon

    Kieran, I want more… please let me know where I can find more… Shannon (your cousin)

    • Kieran O'Donovan

      Hi Shannon. Send me your email and I will give you the password to see the “Enough to Get By” film on my website, if you haven’t yet. Other than that…there are works in progress. The wildlife series that I was working on over the last 2 years will air in Canada on a show called “The Nature of Things” in March. I think it will air later in the US but not sure when…Also, I will be posting more photos to my site soon enough!

  2. Paul Kearney

    Hi Kieran! Just saw your fantastic work on the Siberian Tiger camera traps on BBC. I knew you were a Canadian by your accent so I looked you up. Great to see a Canadian at the cutting edge of wildlife photography. Hope you are doing well in the COVID situation. Stay well. Warm regards from New Brunswick!


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